Frequently Asked Questions

This is confusing! What do I do?!

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What is an Energuide Home Evaluation?

One of our NRCan licensed Energy Advisors (EA’s) will visit your home to collect the necessary data and measurements to provide you with a comprehensive report containing an EnerGuide Label, a Homeowner Information Sheet and Renovation Upgrade Report for your home. During the...
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What is the cost for an evaluation?

Please click Energy Audit Costs to refer to our list of services and cost.

What do I need to do before my evaluation?

A responsible adult (18 years or older) must be present during the evaluation. Your home may not be quallified to be evaluated if it is under renovations at the time of the audit (I.e. drywall, insulation, windows, siding, cabinets, heating/cooling systems, etc.).  Your...
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What is your service area?

We service all of Saskatchewan and Southern Manitoba. Some remote areas may only be visited a couple times a year, so book early. Travel costs do apply.  

Are you insured?

Yes, we are. NRG Inspections and Consulting carries general liability and errors & omissions insurance. Our employees are covered under WCB, but please ensure they have a safe area arround your home to conduct the inspection.

Can you recommend a contractor?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend contractors. We can, however, arrange for ongoing consulting of your project.  Keep in mind most contractors are respectable, upstanding members of the community that pride themselves on their trade. Some individuals don't carry the...
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