What Is an EnerGuide Home Evaluation?

One of our Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan)-registered Energy Advisors (EAs) will visit your home to collect the necessary data and measurements to provide you with a comprehensive report containing an EnerGuide Label, a Homeowner Information Sheet and Renovation Upgrade Report for your home.

During the evaluation, the EA will conduct a Blower Door Test (BDT). The BDT puts your home into a negative pressure state to test for air leakage points. Mechanical information such as heating, cooling, and ventilation data will be gathered and your attic insulation measured. A thermal imaging walk-through may also be conducted to detect anomalies. Measurements of your home will be taken (BDT, thickness of walls, dimensions of home, window and door information and whatever insulation values they can determine) in order to create an energy model of your home. The Homeowner Information Sheet will show you an accurate estimation of the energy consumption and air tightness of your home. The Renovation Upgrade Report will show you potential savings, providing you with information to build on.

The Greener Homes program requires pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations to ensure you are an informed consumer and to verify the retrofits were completed.

  • The first evaluation provides expert advice on what retrofits make the most sense for your home, thereby helping you decide on what to undertake, as well as help you understand how to improve the energy efficiency of your home.
  • The second evaluation is conducted to record any changes made that affect your home’s energy performance for the purposes of updating your EnerGuide profile for the home, as well as acting as a method of an impartial, third-party verification measure for eligible upgrades.

A new EnerGuide Label & Homeowner Information Sheet will be provided after the second evaluation.

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