The future begins now with Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes.

Living in a Net Zero Home goes beyond just cutting energy costs. It’s about residing in a space that gives back more than it takes. Whether it’s a freshly built property or a thoughtfully revamped one, these homes are engineered to generate as much clean energy as they consume. This means you’re not just reducing your carbon footprint, you’re practically eliminating it. With energy efficiency levels soaring up to 80% higher than typical homes, Net Zero Homes tap into renewable energy sources to power your life. It’s not just a home—it’s a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

So, what exactly is a Net Zero Home?

Net Zero Homes are homes that generate as much clean energy as they use. They surpass the energy efficiency of typical new homes by up to 80%. This impressive feat is achieved through precise construction methods, incorporating extra insulation, top-quality windows, and impeccable airtightness to reduce the need for heating and cooling. In addition, appliances, lighting, and mechanical systems are carefully selected for maximum energy efficiency.

To cover any remaining energy requirements for the home’s annual consumption, Net Zero Homes utilize renewable energy systems, often harnessing solar power to generate electricity. This comprehensive approach ensures that these homes not only minimize their environmental impact but also lead the way towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

And what about Net Zero Ready homes?

Net Zero Ready Homes meet the same high-efficiency standards as Net Zero Homes. The only difference lies in the absence of an installed renewable energy system, such as solar panels. However, the entire infrastructure has been meticulously designed and built to seamlessly accommodate the addition of solar panels. You can think of Net Zero Ready Homes as being prepped and “wired” for their future renewable energy system. This readiness ensures that when homeowners are ready to invest in solar panels, the home is primed and ready to harness solar power. This concept is commonly referred to as being “PV Ready”.

Why choose to live in a Net Zero Home?

Unbeatable Value

Enjoy rock-bottom utility bills that stay low year-round. Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes shield you from future spikes in energy prices. Built to higher standards, with an airtight building envelope, improved insulation, and high-efficiency windows, these homes are also more durable.

A Superior Living Experience

Experience even temperatures throughout the house, thanks to advanced construction methods and top-tier heating, cooling, and fresh air ventilation systems. Enjoy better indoor air quality with fewer allergens and asthma triggers like dust and pollen. Plus, less outside noise means greater comfort and a healthier living environment.

Environmentally Responsible

Minimize your household’s environmental footprint by conserving our natural resources and taking a stand against climate change.

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