Terms & Conditions

Traditional construction home refers to a Single Detached Home, Townhouse, Duplex, Triplex or Mobile home with standard building practices of balloon or western framing with either 2×4 or 2×6 lumber

Pricing is subject to change without notice.

*Please note we do not guarantee registration or eligibility for the Canada Greener Homes Grant*

  • $495 is the cost of the EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluation including blower door test and upgrade report in Regina and Saskatoon (within the city limits). Tax not included.
  • Homes outside Saskatoon or Regina could be subject to additional charges. We make every possible effort to provide service for ALL of Sask on a regular basis, BUT there could be an extended wait for an appointment with one of our Energy Advisors. Please call for a quote and availability for your community.
  • Blitzes will service remote locations on set times throughout the year. We recommend you book early and identify when you plan to begin your renovations.
  • Services could be limited or unavailable in some remote locations. Please call our staff and we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your evaluation, no matter where you live in Saskatchewan.
  • If a rush appointment is needed we’ll do our best to get you an appointment, an added rush charge will apply.
  • $350 is the cost of the EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Follow-up Evaluation including blower door test in Regina and Saskatoon, Tax not included.
  • Non-traditionally built homes refers to log, timber, pole, concrete, brick (not brick veneer), straw, sod, geodesic domes, steel bin or others not mentioned. Please contact for pricing.
  • Multi-unit residential buildings, mixed use buildings and apartments – Please contact for pricing.
  • Cancellations are $75 within 48 hrs in Regina and Saskatoon, 14 days for the rest of Sk.
  • Missed appointments $75 plus travel if applicable.

Additional surcharges apply for homes as follows:

  • Heated additions to the original home. +$50 each additional
  • Square footage of all above grade floors over 2000. +$50/500
  • More than 3 insulation details for the foundation, wall or ceiling. +$100
  • More than 2 different heating, cooling, or ventilation systems. +$100
  • Homes with Walkout Basements are subject to additional charge of +$100

Additional surcharges may be applied at the time of the evaluation and will be applied to your account. Surcharges will be due at the time of the follow-up evaluation. That means if your home is a difficult home to model and measure OR falls under the above EXTRAS, we will be adding the extra charges to your follow up evaluation’s invoice.

Homeowner reports will not be submitted to Green Homes unless the invoice has been paid.

We understand times are tough and if you are having trouble paying your invoice please contact us and keep us informed. If no communication has been made and you are in default of paying your invoice after 30 days we may send the account to collections.

Please note, these are guideline prices. Our Energy Advisors work very hard and deserve to be compensated for their work. The above mentioned pricing will ensure that our EAs are paid for additional work as these “extras” take much longer to measure, detail, document, input, report, and file. If you disagree with pricing, please contact the administration via our Contact Us page.

We reserve the right to refuse service.

You will be given document from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and be asked to sign it prior to the evaluation. It states:

1. This dwelling has been examined by a qualified energy advisor based on the NRCan residential energy assessment protocol’s standard operating conditions. The report represents the advisor’s best judgment given the information and time available. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the energy efficiency of the dwelling; it is not meant to replace a full house inspection. NRCan makes no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the energy consumption figures, cost estimates or energy efficiency recommendations included in this assessment. Actual energy consumption and costs depend on a host of factors beyond the control of NRCan.

2. I certify that ;

  • I am the owner of the above-noted property.
  • I assume all responsibility for the selection of products and services used in these renovations, and for obtaining all applicable permits and paying all applicable taxes on work performed.
  • I understand that NRCan does not endorse the services of any contractor or any specific product and accepts no liability in the selection of materials, products, contractors or performance or workmanship.
  • I understand I am responsible for verifying the eligibility criteria for any program associated with the energy assessment.

The data collected in the electronic file will be provided to NRCan for the purpose of statistical analysis and quality assurance. Personal information on this form is being collected in order to confirm property ownership and address. Personal information will be protected under the Privacy Act.

3. In the event that another federal department, provincial/territorial or municipal government, or a utility company that has an agreement with NRCan offers a homeowner benefit based on the NRCan assessment, I authorize NRCan to provide my personal information directly to this party.